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Experience in Product Manufacturing

Don’t trust your valuable product idea to a random Internet search for “product manufacturing.” Our Manufacturing Consultants actually travel to Asia several times each year to liaison with our manufacturers in person. We believe our personal touch and attention to detail makes a difference. Let the experience and proven relationships with global manufacturers that Rimco Resources has built over the past 20+ years work for you!

Since 1983, Rimco Resources has specialized in connecting customers with Pacific Rim manufacturers who reliably produce quality products at a great price. We handle the global sourcing, project management, communication, quality control and more to ensure your product will be manufactured to your specifications.

An Affordable Way to Get Your Product Manufactured

We’ve built solid relationships with a trusted network of global manufacturing companies, some of whom we’ve been working with since the 1990’s. We know their areas of expertise so we can pair your product with a manufacturer who will do it right—for the right price.

We also have several suppliers for rapid prototyping, model making, graphic design, product engineering and product marketing. Our global sourcing network to these services, in addition to core product manufacturing services, helps ensure quality work while keeping costs down.

We offer free quotes on product manufacturing. Our prices include communication with manufacturers, problem solving, quality control and all aspects of project management to make sure your product gets produced to your specifications at the best possible price.

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Let us leverage our network of trusted global manufacturers to help bring your product to market. We have the references and customer reviews to prove that our experience works for small businesses and product entrepreneurs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get your product manufactured!

Wide Variety of Consumer Product Manufacturing

We’ve helped our customers bring a wide variety of products to market. We stay on top of the latest product trends to connect our customers with manufacturers who will deliver a quality product on time and on budget.

Whether you have a big or small product order, here are just a few of the products we have manufactured at an affordable price:


Consumer electronics


Pet products

Stuffed animals

Medical products and equipment

Agricultural products and irrigation controllers

Lighting fixtures, architectural lighting and LED

Permanent coffee filters

Animal deterrent systems and pest controllers

Transformers, adaptors, power supplies and solar energy

Download our Case Studies or Products for more details, or contact us for references. We respect our customers’ privacy and never share customer or product information without customers’ permission.

Managing Overseas Manufacturing and Logistics

Rimco Resources will handle all aspects of communication with global OEM manufacturers to ensure you can focus on growing your business. If your product isn’t on the market, we don’t generate revenue. So you can be confident that our goal is the same as yours—to get your product into consumers’ hands.

We do all we can to reduce time to market as well as managing logistics including:

Freight forwarder contacts

Global shipping options

Shipping cost estimates


Overseas credit and payment

Rimco Resources takes the worry out of working with overseas manufacturers. Our relationships with our customers and manufacturers are based on a solid history of trust and results. We respect our customers’ privacy and confidentiality, and place the highest value on customer service and communication.

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